Friday, December 8, 2017

Welcome to TaVaci!

Welcome! We have been "TaVaci" (pronounced-Tah-VAH-see) for 32 years and counting! The students range in ages 3-13. We have two annual concerts a year--one is a Christmas Concert and the other is Spring. We perform ALL types of music! Classical, Country, Pop, Rock, Spiritual, Patriotic, You NAME it, we've probably had a taste of it! Classes are 45-to an hour in length once a week. Each class starts with vocal warm ups. We usually have a rhythm section along with a "drama" or FUN time helping the students to "open up" and be less inhibited. We LOVE it! Students love it! Parents PRAISE it! We hope you will join us!

This is our first season in excited to share this experience with your child!